Kindle Deals on Good Books {Jan. 9, 2017 Edition}

It's like following a treasure map -- you find one great Kindle book on sale, and soon you're following the trail to a dozen more delicious books on sale for just a few dollars (or less!). Instead of just hoarding all these discounted Kindle books for myself -- which, I assure you, I still am doing -- I thought I'd also share my findings. Here are my discoveries, current as of January 9, 2017.

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

It's really hard for me to pick a favorite author. But if I really, really, reallllllyyyyyy had to, it would be Neil Gaiman, hands down. His Neverwhere is my favorite fiction book of all time, and I aspire to create words and worlds of the caliber that he does. So it was a delightful surprise to find his latest collection of short fiction on sale for Kindle for just $1.99. Didn't have to think twice about that one! Get Trigger Warning here.

Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson's creative non-fiction slays me. It truly does. I never would have expected that when I first read his memoir of walking the Appalachian Trail, A Walk in the Woods, back in college, but he is hilarious. As in: laugh out loud in the middle of a coffee shop while snorting frappucino out your nose hilarious. Now his latest travel memoir, this one about his adventures in Great Britain, are available on Kindle for $1.99 Since I long to live in England with every fiber of my being, I obviously purchased this one. Get Notes From a Small Island for yourself here.

In Praise of Bees by Kristin Gleeson

Currently a bestseller on Amazon, Kristin Gleeson's novel, In Praise of Bees, takes us back to ancient Ireland. We've got memory loss, nuns fighting the patriarchy, and political turmoil. I have to be honest, historical fiction is not usually my thang, but I began reading the book preview on Amazon and couldn't stop, so I made it mine. It's just $0.99 currently -- check it out here.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

While I am not usually a huge fan of historical fiction, I am a huge, raving, jumping-up-and-down-excited fan of time travel. Particularly books in which said time travel is more subtle, instead of the #1 main focus. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken is one of these. The main character is a 17 year old violin prodigy with an unknown-to-her power that accidentally lands her back in 1776 in the middle of a sea battle (whoops). Of course in addition to time travel there is mystery and mayhem and nefarious plots. This novel is currently $0.99 for Kindle. Peruse Passenger for yourself here.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige's Dorothy Must Die has been on my to-read list since it came out in 2014. I don't always love the idea of retelling tried-and-true classics, but I couldn't resist this twist on The Wizard of Oz. In Paige's version, the books and film that we know and love exist and are known to the protagonist -- the other girl from Kansas who was swept to Oz by a tornado, only to find that everything is not as she expected. She finds herself in the midst of a revolution, and has to choose between the good and the wicked, the notions of which are turned on their heads. This is the first book in a trilogy and is currently on sale for $1.99. Get it here.

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

I've been following Nova Ren on Twitter for years, so was delighted to see that one of her novels, The Walls Around Us, is on sale on Kindle. This novel involves two teenage girls, one in prison and one a ballerina, plus a ghostly third party, and boats a good dose of magical realism and even a bit of horror along with its lyrical language and slowly unraveling mystery. It's currently discounted to $1.99 for Kindle. Check it out here.

That's all I've got for now. Watch the blog for another list next week.

What great Kindle deals have you seen on good books? Share in the comments!