She of the Wild Reads: The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover

She of the Wild Reads highlights and reviews books that support women on their journey toward becoming fully authentic, free, and fully alive. Today we'll be checking out The Book of She: Your Heroine's Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power by Sara Avant Stover. Enjoy!

About The Book of SHE

In The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power (New World Library, October 15, 2015), bestselling author Sara Avant Stover guides women to a powerful new understanding of and appreciation for every aspect of femininity. “Your feminine soul, which I call your SHE, contains your deepest source of personal power, inner wisdom, and authentic expression,” writes Sara. “We spend so much of our lives focusing solely on our material realities, forgetting that we are all carry a spark of the divine within us, that most of us never come to truly know our souls.”

The Book of SHE provides women with a road map for what Sara calls The Heroine’s Journey, which merges psychology and spirituality into a path that leads to psychological wholeness, empowerment, and ultimately, full female realization. While Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” was conceived in 1949 with primarily men in mind, Sara’s gender-specific map of the Heroine’s Journey is designed with the unique twists and turns that initiation into empowered womanhood in modern times entails.

The Book of SHE turns the current paradigm for success and empowerment on its head, and reminds women that everything in their outer world is based on the unseen, inner one. “By changing the inner, we change the outer — not the other way around,” writes Sara. “Through relinquishing our chronic busyness, we open up the space to increase our capacity to be present and truly enjoy this precious life.”

Beth's Review

When I was offered the opportunity to read + review The Book of SHE, I jumped at the chance. Not only was it already on my divine/empowered feminine to-read list, but I thought it particularly jived with what we do here at She of the Wild. I'm always looking for more delicious reads on this not-very-well represented subject matter, and Sara's book seemed perfect for my tastes.

Each chapter of The Book of SHE includes:

  • the main text, on topics such as "Becoming a Whole and Holy Heroine" and "Ending the War Within"
  • exercises to help you practice and incorporate Sara's teachings into your real-world life
  • journaling prompts to bring you deeper into your heroine's journey
  • access to supplemental materials on Sara's website, such as audio recordings of the meditations included in the book, which I LOVED -- I always get frustrated when authors include meditations in their books, but don't include an audio version

Sara also describes some of her personal experiences from her own heroine's journey. I always enjoy reading such anecdotal stories, but find that many books swing heavily either toward or away this material. The Book of SHE offers a great balance between the author's life experiences and the inspirational instruction.

I particularly enjoyed how Sara shared some of the feminine archetypes that have showed up in her life -- including Emily Dickinson. Yes, the poet. You know that I swooned over Emily being treated as a divine feminine archetype!

The Book of SHE is easy to read -- but does lead you into some complicated terrain, such as journeying to our personal underworlds and healing our mother wounds (yikes). This is necessary for those women who are seeking to live more awake and more empowered, but it can be very uncomfortable. Thankfully, Sara offers a lot support as you traverse this tricksy terrain.

I felt extremely challenged by much of The Book of SHE -- but in ways that felt healthy and necessary. And I also felt incredibly inspired by Sara's words and excited to see what embracing some of her practices might do for me.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"We are at the point where, as grown women, we recognize the need to stop pushing ourselves forward from a hidden agenda to be loved" (p. 35).
"Our bodies aren't indentured servants here to labor for us until we take our dying breath. They are sacred chalices . . . . Our bodies always tell the truth and hold the information we need to thrive" (p. 43).
". . . every moment of the day can be SHE space, if we allow it to be. When we're nursing the baby, driving on the freeway, and chopping onions, we can be at home in our bodies and alive in our senses. Rather than getting lost in thoughts, we can fully inhabit our lives" (p. 81).
"We need to see the darkness as part of our nature. It's half of the miracle of life -- a safe and holy place -- imbued, like dark chocolate, with bittersweet beauty. We need to remember that all true creativity springs from the darkness. We need to learn to hold sleep, surrender, and uncertainty as profound spiritual practices" (p. 102).

If you'd like to embark upon your own heroine's journey, you can purchase your copy of The Book of SHE HERE . . . or keep reading for a chance to win a free copy!

From the Author

Author Sara Avant Stover shares a little about her vision in writing The Book of SHE here:

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