How Does Your Body Want to Move? {Podcast Ep. 16}

I recently visited a labyrinth. I go to this labyrinth and wander the grounds, gardens, and the paths of the labyrinth itself when I need to submerge mySelf in silence and Mama Nature and my own depths. When I need to reconnect to the earth and mySelf. When I feel ungrounded.

It is always a nourishing experience, and well worth the 45 minute drive to get there and the 45 minutes home. I never seem to come away quite the same, which I am glad of.

This last time I visited, I had an experience quite unlike any other. I allowed my body to move as it wished, in a way that felt quite out of balance, and came away surprised at the result.

Listen in below or in iTunes, and then tell us in the comments, once you've played with this concept with yourSelf for a bit -- how does your body want to move in the world?

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