Hello + Welcome (Again)


Hello! Welcome to the new She of the Wild!

As you may have seen on my other social media platforms, things have been moving and shaking in my internet world as I reimagined what I'm hoping to be and do, and how I want to do it. I am moving internet homes -- as soon as I can figure out how to move my old site's blog posts over (argh! SquareSpace is defying me on this matter), www.bethmorey.com will lead to here.

So, what's up with all the blog posts here on She of the Wild predating the one you're reading now? Well, when I originally purchased the domain name, my vision was to discuss why a sacred feminine is important. However, while still a topic I find important, it is not only not my strength, but also not where I want to pour much of my energy.

But "she of the wild" is still an important theme for me. It speaks of coming into one's own, of doing the authentic thing, and following the soul's leadings, wildly, timidly, and/or with excitement. The important thing is the following. (Plus I have some pretty wild hair.)

Also, "she of the wild," is a direct reference to Artemis, an archetype with whom I feel a strong resonance. Artemis was abandoned at birth, is a huntress who defends vulnerable women and children (including during childbirth, which I found both exciting and intriguing) when I discovered this about the virgin huntress during my last pregnancy), and is associated with bears. She's something of a wild woman, a forest dweller who stands against [largely male-perpetrated] injustice.

All of this speaks deeply to me. When the phrase "she of the wild" popped into my head one morning in January 2015, a quick google search revealed all this to me, and I hurriedly nabbed the domain name.

And so, here we are. She of the Wild.

She who is true to herself. She who is wildly, full, unabashedly herself. She who loves big. She who creates. She who is equal parts strength and softness. She who knows that beauty is much more of an inside job than an outside one.

What can you expect to find in this space now that I've rebranded? 

For starters, you'll see usings on:

  • writing + creativity
  • indie authorship
  • making in the midst of motherhood + the busy-ness of life
  • self-care

You'll also probably occasionally see some words on grief + babyloss (particularly around October and November), guest posts by other delicious writers, and, yep, thoughts on spirituality + the divine feminine.

So, welcome. I am very glad you're here.