SHE Zine is a renegade publication on living fully alive.

from SHE Zine #1

from SHE Zine #1

This is for us.
The ones who are woken up, or waking up, or who want to but don’t quite know how.

You know what I’m talking about: that feeling that life as you know it is not enough anymore, or it never was and you’re just realizing that fact. You’re not sure you really WANT it to change, but you know it needs to, or you’ll die. Not physically. But there are many ways to die.

SHE Zine is for those of us who want to live fully alive. Who want to show up as vibrantly + authentically as possible in their own lives. Who use creativity — be it writing or painting or cooking or carpentry or or or! — as a vehicle of self-awareness, healing, and growth.

This is for we who want to change the world. Our personal worlds, and the big one we all share. We want to live in a society that is more fair, more empathetic, ore wild-in-all-the-right-ways, more loving, less violent, less manically driven.

SHE Zine is for you.

Filled with words, art, poetry, and more, it is here to encourage you. To inspire you. To tell you that you’re not alone. That the risk is worth it. That you can fall apart in order to come back stronger, that you will live to tell the tale, and be the better for it.

All words without obvious attribution are created Beth Morey, the person who is apparently in charge here (uh oh). Expect imperfection.

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from SHE Zine #1

from SHE Zine #1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's a zine?

A: A zine is a unique independently produced print publication or booklet. They originated as fanzines, but can be about any and everything. Learn more about zines here.

Q: How big is SHE Zine?

A: Each issue of SHE Zine is 16 pages, black and white, half letter size (so basically a regular piece of printer paper folded in half, with a total of 16 pages), staple bound.

Q: What's in SHE Zine?

A: Poetry, collage, essays, art, prompts, exercises, and sketches currently populate SHE Zine. The black and white images on this page are glimpses inside SHE Zine.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: SHE Zine is $5 per instantly downloadable digital issue, or $12 per print issue (shipping included), purchasable HERE.

from SHE Zine #2

from SHE Zine #2

Q: Tell me more about the subscription thing.

A: To continually receive the latest issue of SHE Zine in your mailbox, hit the "Subscribe" button. You will automatically be billed $4 monthly, and can cancel at any time via your Paypal account. New issues mail around the first of every month.

If you subscribe by the 15th of the month, you will receive the most recent zine that went out; if you subscribe after the 15th of the month, the first zine you receive will be the next issue. So for example, if you subscribe on January 13th, you will be sent the zine that went out on January 1st-ish. If you subscribe on January 16th,  the first zine you receive will be the issue mailed on February 1st-ish.

Q: Do you accept submissions?

A: Yes! If you have something that you think would fit well in SHE Zine, email it to as a PDF or JPEG. If your work is accepted, you will be compensated with a free issue of the zine you are published in.

Are you ready? Dive in here.

from SHE Zine #3

from SHE Zine #3

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