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A 6 week writing E-course for writers who want to explore penning poetry

We all remember it -- how, sometime around the time the girls in our class starting sprouting breasts and the boys' chins blossomed into the uncertain beginnings of beards, the fun poetry of our childhood gave way to The Reading, Memorization, and Exegesis of Very Serious Poems. Just as words became heavier + harder, so did life, and we began to lose some of our spark.

Suddenly, we weren't playing with limericks for the silliness and enjoyment of it, but for the academics of it. And actually, we weren't playing all that much in the rest of our lives, either. Poetry transformed into an awkward, heavy, and undecipherable behemoth of a thing, and so did our bodies/spoken words/relationships/everyday life.


what if it didn't have to be like that?

What if poetry could be fun again?

What if poetry could be light? 

What if writing words could make us light?

What if poetry could be:

silly / sacred / informative / cathartic / playful / approachable / healing / happy / awesome / an adventure / nurturing / {fill in your favorite "What if?" here}?


I believe that it is. 

For everybody.

For you.

Here. Now. In real time. In the midst of your busy life.

Let's create poetry

Let's do this! Start Writing Poetry Today is perfect for both the nervous newcomer and tentative returner to this wild land of poetry. Over the course of six weeks, I will provide you with the gentle guidance, exercises, prompts, and inspiration that you’ll need to [re]gain your poeming confidence. And at the same time, you'll write your way into deep self-understanding, vibrancy, and soul-sparking aliveness.

When you register for Start Writing Poetry Today, you immediately receive an e-book stuffed with inspiration and instruction to span the six weeks of the program, inviting you to explore a new aspect of poetry that you may not have considered before. You’ll find yourself reading the words of gorgeous poets hailing from many different backgrounds, both personally and literarily. We will also be diving into two fantastic poetry resources — Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg — that will help fill you with both the courage to share your words with the world and the skill with which to write them.

As if that wasn’t enough, each week I’ll be sending you up off the couch and out on a creative adventure in order to keep your inspiration well stocked. I’ll also be providing bonus reading and practice exercises that will keep you learning and writing and growing far beyond the six week span of the course.

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The 6 Week Curriculum


Over our six weeks together, we'll be examining aspects of poetry that will refresh, challenge, and excite you -- aspects that you, perhaps, never imagined could be associated with the word "poem." Here's what you can expect to dive into during each of the e-course's six weeks:

Week One: Poetry as Play

We'll start gently, reclaiming the fun of reading and writing poetry. Prepare to get silly and get in touch with your awesome inner kid.

Week Two: Poetry as Noticing

In week two, we'll get comfortable wielding the magnifying glass-esque superpowers of poetry, establish our creative habit.

Week Three: Poetry as Expression

Ah, blissful catharsis and communication. These are what week three is all about. We'll also tap into the healing alchemy of writing poems.

Week Four: Poetry as Subversion

Want to change the world with your words? Week four is for you. We examine what it means to grow and change, how to get others to hear our messages, and listen to some fantastic spoken word along the way.

Week Five: Poetry as Surprise

In week five, we will gather all that we have learned up to this point and really get specific on the how-to's of this poetry writing thing.

Week Six: Poetry as Refinement

Ah, revision. What a nebulous, frustrating beast this part of the writing process can be. But we'll tackle it together, and you'll learn tips and tricks to help you create more impactful, fine-tuned poems. 

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Access the complete content from week one of Start Writing Poetry Today here! No strings attached.

All the Technical Nitty Gritty

(how, what, when, where...)

Start Writing Poetry Today is designed to fit into your busy life on your terms. To this end, it is an e-book based course that you can work through at your own pace. The six week structure is a suggestion to help keep you on track, but admission is rolling, so you're free to work on the curriculum according to your personal rhythms. 

Once you register, you will be asked to confirm the email address where you would like your course material to be sent. Once you've done that, you will immediately receive all the delicious course content bundled into one convenient format so you can continue working and reworking the exercises, prompts, and instruction for weeks to come -- because Start Writing Poetry Today really IS that packed with content.

The Delicious Extras

Start Writing Poetry Today comes with a bundle of really yummy extras in addition to the six weeks of instruction contained in your e-book. These include:

  • printable daily prompts to cut out and use as creation aides

  • access to our She of the Wild creativity circle on Facebook

  • three bonus interviews with seasoned and inspirational poets

  • two bonus instruction videos from Beth

Even better, you won't be going it alone.

When you register, you’ll be given access to the private She of the Wild Facebook group, where you’ll find a cohort of kindred with words on the brain. There you’ll be able to share your work, receive feedback, and find support for when the going gets tough.

Are you ready to dive in?

Just $25 USD for all this poetic goodness!

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Who teaches Start Writing Poetry Today?

photo credit: MDK Photography

photo credit: MDK Photography

Start Writing Poetry Today is taught by published author Beth Morey. Beth has more than 10 years of writing experience, a degree in creative writing from the prestigious Hamilton College and a Master's in education from Boston College, and multiple independently published well-received books across varied genres. Her poetry collection, Night Cycles, continues to draw in five-star reviews. In addition to her author-published books, her words appear in several anthologies and print magazines, including as a monthly contributor for several publications -- check out her writing credits here

All this to say: Beth has buckets of experience to draw from as she guides you through Start Writing Poetry Today. You'll be in good hands!

What students are saying about Start Writing Poetry Today

"Start Writing Poetry Today by Beth Morey is a wonderful e-course! Beth has a way of pulling out the best in you. Each email is full of helps and assignments that will help anyone with a desire to write poetry. Though I've only done a little over half the course, I have learned a lot and have gained more confidence in my abilities. The course is six weeks, but along with the books she recommends there is plenty to keep you busy much longer. I am thoroughly enjoying it."

- Gayl Wright

"Start Writing Poetry Today is one of the better workshops I have taken. Beth balances content with her own perspective, books from other successful writers as well as prompts and other materials. The books were especially beneficial because they express insights that could be used by any creative, not just those pursuing poetry. I was very pleased to experience such a wonderfully crafted workshop; the benefits will stick with me for awhile. Thanks Beth!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

Start Writing Poetry Today offers generous material for writers of all levels of experience, from the nervous writing newbie to the seasoned author. Whether you’re looking for craft development, prompts, or simply a hand to hold as you find your balance, you’ll find it here. 

When does the course run?

Start Writing Poetry Today is available for you to begin whenever you are ready, and for you to progress through at your own pace. Meaning that you can start learning, writing, and growing today!

How is the content delivered?

Once you register, you will immediately receive the full course in a PDF e-book, delivered to the email address of your choice.

What do I need to participate in this course?

At its most basic, to participate in Start Writing Poetry Today, you’ll just need something to write on, something to write with, and internet access.

However, if you’d like to take full advantage of the course, I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge. New or used, hard copy or digital, it doesn’t matter. You’ll also want to have access to a way to print your daily one-word prompts out, and also some glue, scissors, and a page from an old book that you won't mind cutting up..

If you’re looking to really treat yourself, here are some fun extras that will make your experience in Start Writing Poetry Today all the more robust, but are by no means required to have a full and satisfying time with us:

Is any of this course taught live?

This course no longer has any live components -- that's what makes it so affordable. However, I will be available to answer your questions, walk you through challenging spots, and cheer you on in our community Facebook group — as will your Start Writing Poetry Today classmates. While there is no regular live content in Start Writing Poetry Today, you will certainly not be going it alone.

I write fiction and/or non-fiction, not poetry. Would this course work for me?

Absolutely. While the lessons are specifically aimed at the practice of penning poetry, the material can easily be applied to non-poetry genres of writing. In fact, studying and working with the more specific form of poetry will only make your fiction and/or non-fiction work stronger.

Was Start Writing Poetry Today formerly called something different?

Yes! It was originally called Poetry Is, and then called Write Yourself Wholly Alive, and then Start Writing Poetry Today. I changed it as I felt that was not as accurate + powerful a reflection of the course's content as it needed to be.

Can I give Start Writing Poetry Today as a gift?

You bet! Start Writing Poetry Today makes an awesome holiday, birthday, or any other kind of gift for your writer-minded friends and family. 

If you’d like to gift a seat in Start Writing Poetry Today to your loved one, just register for the course by hitting the “Buy Now” button below. Then shoot an email to with the first and last names and email address of the person you’d like to gift the course to. Please put “Start Writing Poetry Today gift seat info” as the subject.

Do you have more questions?

Send me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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