Stop me if this sounds familiar:

You feel tired. Tapped out. Uninspired. Lost (and not in the pleasant-wander sort of way). In desperate need of space and rest and rejuvenation in body, mind, and spirit.

Perhaps you've forgotten who you are, or maybe you're working to birth a new facet of yourself into the world.

Maybe you've been a wife/mother/9-to-5 worker for so long that you can't remember who and how you used to be.

Perhaps you feel that even if you had the energy to make a change now, you don't quite know what to change, what to work on, what to hope for.

Or maybe you simply need a listening ear, someone to link arms with and draw strength from, someone who will not judge or prod or cajole, but instead stand by your side and walk with you as both a companion and one who shines light on the path ahead.

Welcome to Soul Coaching

helping you find you

Soul Coaching with me, Beth Morey, is a one-on-one, woman-to-woman creative mentorship dedicated to helping you find + be the most authentic and alive version of yourself.

I act as your sounding board and mirror as we work together to enact profound, lasting changes in your life at the soul level, helping to fan your kindling true self into a blazing fire. I walk beside you as you seek to live as authentically and true and courageously as possible, offering suggestions, creative exercises, and mini adventures that are inspiring, enlivening, and more than doable in your real-world life.

The goal of Soul Coaching is to leave you feeling fully at home in your skin, authentically living what is true for you, no longer caged by fears and the opinions of others. You will feel more confident, purposeful, self-loving, and wholly empowered in all areas of your being.

In Soul Coaching, we aim to set you free from whatever metaphorical chains and bars and prisons might have left your soul starving and emaciated.

How Soul Coaching Works

When you say yes to one session* Soul Coaching, you will get:

  • one 60 minute chat session with Beth per week for 4 weeks, conducted by phone (or audio-only Skype, for international calls)
  • 4 weeks of email support from Beth in between calls
  • assignments crafted to help you find and be who you are, which may include journal prompts, art projects appropriate for any level, or mini adventures
  • additional support components added as needed and agreed upon by both you + Beth

*One session of Soul Coaching is 4 weeks long. You maybe purchase more than one session at a time, or continue investing in a second or third session at the completion of a previous session. The minimum commitment is 4 weeks.

Why Work With Beth?

Why am I qualified to work with you as your soul coach? Not only do I hold degrees in creative writing + education and have years of professional experience as a writer, artist, and truth-teller, but I've also been there.

I have lived the journey that you wish to embark (or continue) upon -- the journey to the truest self.

I've endured the tepid unfeelingness of depression, in self-hatred, in purposelessness. I've let others dictate my truth and my path and ate up all the "should's" I could stomach, believing that everyone else in the world knew what was best for me. I've lived believing the lies that embedded themselves in my heart, the ones that said I was bad, ugly, too much, unlovable. I have birthed death, and tasted despair, and fought the insidiousness of an eating disorder living inside my own brain, and existed for too many years in numbness. I've battled (and still battle) fear and anxiety and not-good-enoughness.

And I've thrived. I've come out more alive and whole and vibrant than I ever have been -- than I've ever imagined I could be.

I have learned how to alchemize darkness and pain into soul-gold. I've clawed my way out of the hole that was both of my own making and made by well-intentioned others for me. I've willingly made the necessary sacrifices of comfort and so-called safety to trek into the borderlands to find out who I said that I was (and am!). I have rewritten my origin stories, burned my false idols on the fires of rejuvenation, and inhaled the sage-sour incense of a soul unfurling.

I am a woman who walked through hell and came home to her self.

And I can help you do the same.

Are You Ready to Test the Waters?

Are you ready to dip a toe into the flow, to taste how it feels to be truly seen and heard, to have your trimmed-close wild soul unfurling, if only a little?

Sign up for a consultation session with me. It's free, and there is no obligation to commit to anything. Just come chat with me for 20 minutes and see what you think. It would truly be my honor. Schedule your free session here, and I'll be in touch with you shortly:

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Or . . . Jump Right In!

Have you decided that you're ready to commit to a month of growing your beautiful soul, of discovering who you say that you are? Let's do this!

To get started, hit the "Buy Now" button (and enjoy a discount when you invest in multiple months at a time!). After payment, you'll be immediately redirected to my calendar, where you can schedule your first session. Depending on availability, we could be working together as soon as tomorrow. I'm so excited to work with you!

Soul Coaching Investment:

$400 for 4 weeks of soul coaching:

Work with Beth for one, two, or three months: