Everyday Acts of Courage

I used to rely on circumstance, on arranging it all just so.  The creative process relied on so many things: that table in that one particular cafe that is yours, the one that you must have . . . that certain drink . . . the just-right assemblage of shirt and shoes and bottoms and tops . . . and, most important of all, the perfect state of mind.  Perhaps you know the one?  You transform into being of purest inspiration, of dancing between worlds, where your mind soars but your body is grounded so that the words may flow directly from Spirit to the page, where you are the divine conduit.

Holy, creative bliss.

And if any one of those plethora of things was askew or absent – if your table was occupied or the blouse you wanted to wear was buried at the bottom of a hamper of soiled garments, if your drink was too hot or too acrid or too expensive-feeling today – well, then heaven could not kiss the earth, and the words would refuse to fall. . . .

I'm so pleased to announce that I am now a regular monthly writer for the very fabulous Secret Rebel Club!

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