Made eCourse: Exploring God-Centered Creativity


I am so excited.  So, so excited.

And kind of queasy, too.

Because you know that SUPER DUPER SECRET SPECIAL PROJECT that I've left little breadcrumbs of info about these last few weeks.

It's here.

It's here.

It's this:

Registration is open right now.

That's the part that makes me want to simultaneously cheer and puke -- that this is happening.  That it's real.


As you might know if you've been reading my blog for a while, I came into my creativity a bit late in life (but there's no thing as "too late"!).  I only discovered the healing joy of mixed media art a few years ago, and since then I've been devouring all the online art courses that I possibly can. 

But, for the most part, one thing seemed to be missing from these art courses, as wonderful and inspiring and well-taught as they were.


Or, more accurately, my faith.

Spirituality seems to be discussed quite a bit in the art circles I've wandered in and out of.  And I feel that creativity is sacred work, and so it should intersect with spirituality.

But out of all the many art classes, there were hardly any geared specifically toward Christianity (the two Christian artists I know who teach online are the lovely Jan Avellana and Paulette Insall, and are definitely worth a visit!).  And while that's not a bad thing, and I don't expect every single course to be made for those of us who hold the name of Jesus close . . . I felt the lack.

I wanted a course that explored the intersection of art and faith.  That asked deep questions about how we, as creative beings, can allow whatever our particular brand of creativity is to lead us closer to God.  About how to let our faith inform what we make.  

I wanted Made.  

That's what it's named, this eCourse -- Made.  Because it's for people who are makers (artists and writers and journalers and photographers and more) who were in turn made by the Maker. 

And now it's here.  It's here!

Somehow I've cobbled enough time together between loving this sweet baby boy to gather twelve amazing women (myself included) who will teach four months of inspiring workshops and lead us in an exploration of God-centered creativity.  

It's going to be awesome, my friends.  It already is. 

So if you are a Christian creative of any leaning (and by "creative" I mean whatever you define that as -- maybe you're a painter or a storyteller or fiber artist or chef or photographer or poet or architect) who is interested in joining a courageous community of like-minded folks who are investigating the intriguing intersection of art and faith . . . then Made is for you.

And to say "thank you, thank you, thank you" to those students who register early,we are giving away some sweet prizes to the first 40 people who register for Made.  

Whoa.  I cannot believe this is happening.  A dream turned reality.  I am so excited, and nervous, and excited again!  I don't think that I will sleep much tonight.

Want to know more?  All the details you need are up on the Made website.  Or, if you just want to jump in right now, you can secure your spot in Made by clicking the button below:

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