Sometimes Self-Care Looks Like Paint-Covered Hands

This week, I had a little bit of time to get paint on my hands. While our baby's night sleeps markedly improved overnight (thank you, God!), he's still mostly not napping. And by "mostly not napping" I mean that he took a three hour nap on Tuesday -- and that was his nap for the week.  Ouch.  Every other "nap" was the result of me wearing him and going for a treadmill walk. 

{in progress}

It's so frustrating because I can see that he is tired during the day, but if I try to put him down for a nap he just screams, poor guy.  Maybe one day he'll get it . . . but if he's anything like his mama, who cannot nap to save her life, he won't.  ;)  Regardless of whether he ever learns to nap or not, I am so looking forward to the day when we can both get painty together.

{in progress}

That said, I put that one three hour nap to good use, and then this morning I got up early to get some more art time while the guys (meaning hubby, baby, and pups) still slept.  It has felt so good to find time for this!  Art-making is truly nourishing for me.  It really is more of a form of self-care than anything.  I am discovering that when I don't get art time, my attitude is not as good, comfort snacking creeps in, and my general sense of wellness and energy are depleted. 

{in progress}

Here are a few of the things I've been working on, including some exciting new styles of painting that make me really excited -- meaning the two girls in the gowns. They were born after I had some fun creating backgrounds.  I usually paint the figures in my pieces first, and then work out the backgrounds around them, but doing the reverse this time was refreshing (and a little scary! hello, perfectionism).  Prints (and maybe the originals, if I can bear to part with them) will be in the shop soon. 

{in progress} 

Also, I made my very first art video!  It's rough around the edges -- my camera turned off midway through, and I forgot to re-zoom when I turned it back on -- but it was fun to make and edit.  I'm hoping to make more of these in the future.  Enjoy!

What kinds of videos would you like to watch here on the blog, if any?  Art demos?  Tutorials?  Me getting my verbosity on?

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