{In the Art Studio} Courage, Gratitude, & Treasure Hunting

{new backgrounds} 

Well, it's been another not-so-creative week.  I try to remind myself that one day I will have far too much time to myself, that I will be missing these days when my son is tiny and all about the cuddling and the eating and the waking up at night.  And thanks to my daughter it's not too hard to remember to soak up every moment that I'm able, although sometimes I must admit that my selfishness creeps in too close and I get grumpy.  Especially if I'm low on sleep, like I have been these week. 

But this morning I was able to wake up a bit early and spend an hour making new backgrounds and trying to figure out what to do with the hair on the woman in my main work-in-progress.  Let me tell you -- deciding about her hair is freaking me out.  Because I really love how her face looks, and poor hair attempts have definitely ruined many a fine face of mine before.  But obviously the risk of face ruination must be taken, and a finished piece is worth it . . . so I'm trying to be brave.  I keep telling myself that there are no mistakes in art -- and that even if there are, that's what white paint is for.  ;) 

{in progress}  

Also, I just want to say how grateful I am for you.  Thank you for leaving me little love notes of encouragement or understanding here.  I'm sad that I'm not able to reply to your kind words right now due to the baby-induced lack of time (see above), but I read every single one.  If you'd really like a reply, please make sure that your email address is associated with the account you use to comment -- that makes it much easier for me to reply.  Thanks, sweet loves!

p.s.  Did you spy Eve's name in one of the backgrounds in the top photo?  I'm going to try to incorporate both my children's names into new pieces, just for fun.  I love both finding and hiding secret treasures of meaning like that.  Both of their names are in the bottom piece -- can you find them?  :)

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