Soul Refreshment

It's been so interesting to me to see how my relationship with art and creativity is developing as a mother with a new(ish) baby.  Before Baby Boy arrived, I would create in fits and starts, held back by fear and perfectionism, with long "breaks" (a.k.a. avoidance) in between creating finished pieces.

But now, I have pretty much no time.  Our sweet boy is a rather high needs baby who resists naps like no other, meaning that I cannot depend on having any time to exercise, shower, create, clean, or any other self-care activities during the day.

And while I love this boy to the point of pain, although he has every ounce of my mama heart that I have to give, the creative side of me is crying out for sustenance.

So I make do with what I have.  I snatch up the precious few moments of his naps and create and create and create.  I explore the iPad's art apps and make art digitally while breastfeeding.  Or I rig up our ring sling, set Baby Boy up on a boob, and create one-handed.

And guess what -- I am creating more now, coming away with more finished pieces and more brave exploratory creations, than I ever did when I had all day to myself.

It's crazy.

But it's needed.

Because I am discovering that making art is like breathing to me.  It nourishes me soul in such a refreshing, unique way.  It flows out of all my loves -- my loved ones, my faith, my love of words.  And (I think) when I can find time to create, I come away a better wife/mother/friend/person.

I need to make art.

And so I do, any way that I can manage.

Here are some of the many [awesomely challenging and different] ways I've been doing that this week . . .

Learning new techniques in Misty Mawn's portrait workshop . . .


charcoal portrait #2

Exploring iOS art apps (these were all made with ArtSet) . . .

 hello, love 




New sketches and remembrance art . . .


Audrina Mae 


New art in the shop . . .

You Shine Bright

A painting made in memory of friends' sweet pup . . .


Not to mention the new banner I made for this blog!  Whew!  Not bad for a couple of weeks.  (Well, except for that last painting -- I made that a month or two ago, but just got around to posting it.)  What can I say -- it refreshes my soul.

What refreshes your soul, my friends?

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