Books for Eve's Birthday: One Last Update

books for Eve's birthday

books for Eve's birthday

books for Eve's birthday

books for Eve's birthday

I had a slight forehead-slapping, what-was-I-thinking moment the other day when I realized -- I never did a final update on Eve's birthday books!  I guess that's sort of a happy thing, because it means that my hands have been full with life with our sweet rainbow boy, but still, I apologize.

As you may remember (it seems so long ago now!), I decided that I wanted to donate copies of the book When Hello Means Goodbye as a way of celebrating the first anniversary of Eve's birthday.  When I put the call out here on the blog, the response -- your response -- blew me away.

The books started to come in from literally around the world, and each one that made it to my doorstep was another vital piece of evidence that my daughter not only died, but also lived (and Lives!).  I feel like it's so easy to believe the lie that our world often seems to say, that a baby who died before birth is not a baby at all, not a person.  But my sweet girl was very much a person, and she had weight in this world, and each new book that arrived felt like confirmation of that.  So thank you -- that was very powerful for me.

All told, we gathered -- brace yourself -- 110 books.  (Did I mention that I was, and am, blown away?)  That's about 95 more books than I ever hoped to expect.  And, even more importantly, that's 110 local families who will be armed with knowledge and forethought needed to make vital, lasting memories as they prepare to meet their child and then immediately say goodbye. 

Thank you, friends.  Thank you.  I cannot fully express what this has meant to me.  What it means to me still.  All I am left with is those two, too-small words -- thank you.  You have blessed me, and you have blessed and helped the 110 mothers and fathers who will all too soon find themselves holding their dead or dying child.

To feel even a little less alone when you are fearfully awaiting your dead child's arrival?  When your womb doubles as a death bed?  When you are cradling your child in your arms for the first and last time?  That gift is beyond words, beyond measure.  

We have given that gift.  You have given it. 

Thank you.  Thank you.  From 110 mothers and fathers and grandparents and siblings and friends -- thank you.

books for Eve's birthday

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