Books For Eve's First Birthday: An Update

Books for Eve's 1st birthday
I am feeling so many things.

Floored.  Grateful.  Humbled.

Less than a week after I shared my thoughts on how I planned to celebrate Eve's fast-approaching first birthday in Heaven, 44 copies of When Hello Means Goodbye made their way to our front door.

And that's not counting the copies that I ordered.

But that's not all.  When I went to order my copies, I discovered that they were sold out.

We made Amazon sell out of books for Eve's birthday.

Books for Eve's 1st birthdayI'll say it again -- I am floored, grateful, and humbled.

I am so excited to donate these books to help the moms and dads that will unfortunately but inevitably need them.  I am so honored that you all decided to partner with me.  Thank you.

But these books mean more to me than just a nice thing to do.

Each new shipment of books that arrives on our doorstep makes me feel like another person has said, "Yes.  Your daughter lived."

Each book is, for me, a symbol of the weight she had in this world: small, but powerful.

Thank you for giving me that, friends.  It means everything, because sometimes her physical presence in our lives feels so fleeting that it seems like it never was at all.

If you'd like to donate books but are daunted by their sold-out status on Amazon, no fear!  Feel free to back order them.  I back ordered my own copies, so there's no danger of them arriving too late.  You can send a book (or books) via my Amazon wishlist, and check out my original post for more details on what this is all about.

Also, if you are ordering three books, be sure to change your total to four because the fourth book is free.  This three-for-four promotion doesn't show up until the last page of checkout.

Thank you again, friends!

Books for Eve's 1st birthday

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