New From the Art Studio: Mother-Heart

I am so pleased to unveil the finished version of my latest mixed media art creation, Mother-Love, just in time for International Bereaved Mother's Day this coming Sunday.  This piece was born out of all the confusion, pain, loneliness, and sense of exclusion that I am feeling as I approach my first Mother's Day as a mother, but with no visible living children (of course I count our rainbow baby as a living child! ...but he is not very obvious to those who don't already know about him).  I can't tell you how good this felt to make. 

This piece is called "Mother-Heart" because you don't have to have living children to possess the heart and love of a mother.  (On a semi-unrelated note, I don't think that women who have living children necessarily have the heart of a mother, either...but that's an entirely different, rant-alicious subject!)  The text on the piece reads, "Your mother-heart is so lovely."

I wanted to create Mother's Day art for women who long to be mothers, but aren't.  This includes women who have survived the death of a child at any age, including before birth; women grappling with infertility; women whose much-loved children are dealing with serious disabilities or health problems of any kind; and women for whom life circumstances have commiserated in such a way that they do not yet have the children they long for.  My hope is that this piece will comfort women in sadly find themselves in these difficult situations.

You can buy prints and cards of "Mother-Heart" in my shop, here.

Read more about my art adventures at my art blog, Epiphany Art Studio.  If you would like to win a 20% off coupon for my Etsy shop, enter the giveaway here.

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