Beauty From Ashes

Beauty From Ashes

These past few weeks have been so challenging.  Up and down . . . and down . . . and down -- that's what it's felt like, emotionally.  The grief has been hard.  I feel physically beaten and so very exhausted.  Even blogging has been difficult.

But last weekend I did manage to create some art, and I'm very proud of it.  The title of the above piece is "Beauty From Ashes," and that is my strongest hope for my life right now -- that God will take the horror and pain of losing a child and turn it into something lovely.  I can already see that He's been doing just that, but over the past few weeks I feel like I have become blind and deaf to Him.

But I still believe.  It's all that I can do.

"Beauty From Ashes" is available for purchase as a print here.

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