It started snowing here last night, and was still going when I let the dogs out this morning.  I wonder if the above photos are the last we'll see of bare ground and leaves until April!  Not that I'm complaining -- there is something so magical about snow, especially the early snowfalls.  Even with all our window shades closed, the falling snow makes the house just feel different, makes life seem more special. 

Plus, the snow gives me the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do some serious (or seriously fun...!) art-making today.  I haven't made anything in a week because I've been feeling intermittently exhausted or, ah, lazy.  Oops!  But today my blood is thrumming for a creative day -- especially after staying up late to read Art Saves -- and I'm not going to fight it.  

Happy weekend!  Do you have any plans -- or snow?

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