Gratitude Monday

Day 202 / Fallen

The weekend was gorgeous here in western Montana.  We had the perfect mixture of light and clouds, cold and sun.  The trees look absolutely brilliant in their autumn colors.  I went on a long walk with one of the pups on Saturday morning to soak it all in.  Delicious.  I wish it could stay like this for months, but I know that the snows will probably be here in what will feel like only moments. 

What are you feeling grateful for today?  Here are some of the gifts I received this week:
#78... registering for baby items with the Best Husband Ever
#79... tired feet that make me appreciate sitting
#80... mist and low clouds seeping along every street
#81... staying up late to finish Princess Academy
#82... the frustration of elusive sleep yielding the blessing of reading One Thousand Gifts at three o'clock in the morning
#83... wanting to share Chapter 4 with a friend
#84... baby kicks in my belly telling me that I'm not alone in my wakefulness
#85... knowing that perfection is not required
#86... reading old journal entries and seeing how God was working even then, even when He felt so far away

On Mondays, I catch you up on the beautiful gifts -- both large and small, hard and comfortable -- that God has been throwing my way.  Read more about my gratitude adventure here, and start your own One Thousand Gifts adventure by click on the banner below.  

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