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Getting ready...

I feel so excited right now -- and also a bit nervous.  Why?  Because today I am selling my art, prints, and cards at my first-ever live market!  This evening, I will be manning my table at a local holiday market.  It's a small market, and so I think it's perfect for my first live business venue.  But wow -- I can't believe that I'm doing this!  What an adventure!For the past couple of days, I have been busily gathering everything I need to decorate my table.  I've also been printing out loads of cards, and I ordered some small giclee prints from iPrintfromHome which look absolutely gorgeous in their detail and quality.  I'll also be offering four original pieces.  I hope that they find homes with the right people!

My goals for this market are, I think, fairly reasonable, especially for my first time out.  I want to:

  • hand out loads of business cards

  • get people signed up for my newsletter (you can sign up by entering your email address in the widget in the right sidebar of this blog, and you'll receive periodic notifications of special discounts, news, and events)

  • make back the money I spent getting ready for the market

And, of course, I want to have fun!  As I already said, I'm super excited.  And I'm so proud of myself for simply trying -- for putting myself and my art out there, for taking a risk, for allowing a new experience to enrich my life.

I think it will be good.

Here I go . . .!

p.s.  Stand by for a post-holiday-market sale in my Etsy shop!

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