This is Why He's the Best Husband Ever


It's summer, and it's hot.  And that means that I'm once again hearing the siren song of . . . the gym.  Oh air-conditioned haven of elliptical machines and yoga classes, how I want to come back to you.

Most people might think that's not a bad thing.  Why not heed the call of the fitness center, the urge to get into better share, right?  But with me, I'm not always sure that I can trust that urge.  I have to examine my motives and make sure that I'm not joining to I can returning to the old chains of my over-exercising, under-eating eating disordered mania.

Right now, I want to join because it's really hot in our house.  Which means that working out at any time after six thirty in the morning is a very sweaty affair -- even yoga!  Normally I would try to ignore my need for the gym, especially since this past March we invested in a treadmill in lieu of gym memberships.  I would feel pretty lame running back into the arms of my Y membership after such a short time together!

But now there's another factor that we didn't count on when we bought the treadmill in March -- pregnancy!  Since I wasn't in running shape pre-pregnancy, I don't want to start now, even if it does make the treadmill feel more loved.  The high-impact interval workouts that I'd been doing up until last week are starting to make me uncomfortable.  Even the yoga that I've been doing leaves me feeling eager for something a little more heart-pounding while remaining low-impact.

Meaning . . . I miss the elliptical.  And I also miss swimming, an exercise form that I hear will become extremely soothing as my belly grows bigger and my body grows more uncomfortable.  I don't want to join so I can elliptical away for hours at a time, but so that I can more effectively work my heart (um, in the air-conditioning) and relieve pregnancy aches.  No over-exercising mania for me, thanks!

I miss the gym.

Yesterday I mentioned all this to the Best Husband Ever.  Can you guess what he said?  He told me that I should join the gym.

That's it.  No I wish we hadn't gotten that darn treadmill or Make up your mind! or anything like that.  I don't know why I was so surprised (I mean, he is the Best Husband Ever), but I was.  He thinks, because we hadn't known about Baby at the time of replacing the gym with a treadmill, that a gym membership is completely, totally, awesomely the thing to do if my body needs that.

Why do I keep forgetting that my husband is not a man of guilt trips, of mind games, of snark and passive aggression?  I don't know how I managed to end up with someone so understanding, loving, and kind, when I am prone to playing mind games myself -- only that God is super-awesome, and loves us all more than we can understand.  The Best Husband Ever is the perfect husband for me, and knowing him is helping me to grow out of my old, unhealthy relational behavior patterns.  It's pretty darn cool.

So . . . I'm joining the gym!  See you at the club, peeps.  Uh, the YMCA club, that is.  ;)

Is there a person in your life you is the perfect spouse/partner/friend for you?

"Doing something for you, bringing something to you—that's not what you're after.  Being religious, acting pious—that's not what you're asking for.  You've opened my ears so I can listen." ~ Psalm 40:6

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