[Mostly] Artsy Friday Find

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="346" caption="I love this piece (click image for photo source)."]Your Heart Will Never Be Alone[/caption]

I've been enjoying how the internet is opening me up to a lot of different kinds of art-making.  I get stuck thinking that art "should be" one way, or perfect, or ultra-realistic . . . but that isn't necessarily true.  I'm thankful for how the internet is allowing me to glimpse other artists' processes, studios, and challenges.  So this Friday Finds is mostly art-themed . . . with a few other lovely links thrown in.  Awesomely, almost all of the "art" posts can be applied in far larger ways than relegating them to art-making advice.  Enjoy!



  • [untitled] | The Journey (this simple post is profound and heartbreaking and beautiful, and every bit a work of art)

Eating Disorders & Recovery




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