My [Latest] Source of Blogging Distraction

Last time it was art.  This time, it's this:


. . . and this:


and this!


That's right . . . we're pregnant!  (Is that how people say it these days?) ;)  Anyhoo, I found out a few weeks ago, which is when I stopped blogging because I couldn't think of anything else to write!  Today we had our first doctor's appointment with our first ultrasound (wow!), and so now I feel ready to tell the world -- so I am!

It's quite funny how I discovered the pregnancy.  I was whining on Twitter about how I felt nauseous and tired, and Barb of HoopPretty said she felt the same.  I joked that maybe she was pregnant . . . and then thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test myself.   (By the way -- Barb is not pregnant.  I think.  ;))

So . . . that's that!  Now that I'm not bursting with the news, I will get on with blogging as usual.  Of course I'll be writing some about the pregnancy (and resulting human being), but about the usual topics as well.  Not to fear -- I am not planning on turning into a mommy blogger!  I still have loads to say on health, faith, creativity, and the like.  And, uh, my strange new food revulsions.  :)

In case you are wondering, this is a surprise baby, but a very welcome one.  After anorexia ravaged my body, my reproductive system was unpredictable at best.  I went for nearly four years without having a period.  Even after it finally came back last year, we were told not to expect much in terms of having biological children.  So this baby is totally a miracle baby for us.  I have been reading the Biblical stories Hannah and Sarah often since I found out the news, empathizing with these barren women's joy for the first time instead of their sorrow.

All that to say that we feel very, very blessed.  :D

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