Snapshot Sunday: Spring At Last!

70/365Spring has finally arrived here in western Montana (with a bit of summer, too)! At last! I can walk barefoot in the grass, feel the sun shine directly on my shoulders, go hiking with the dogs without bundling up first, and hoop in the lingering warmth of evening. At last!

It's remarkable what the shift in seasons can do for my attitude and emotions. It's pretty clear to me that I get hit hard with winter depression, so I'm thinking of ways to mitigate it's effects for next year. My number one plan at the moment? But a sun lamp, and take one of the super-duper cheap flights and visit Phoenix in February. I think a week of skirt-and-tank-top weather will be just the thing to get me through to the glorious Montana spring (and it really is glorious, worth every inch of lingering snow!).

Star GirlIn other news, I've been creating and creating and creating some more.  I love making art!  This is Star Girl, created with graphite and colored pencils, acrylic and watercolor paints, ink spray, pastels, yarn, stamps, tulle, and other random things I can't quite remember, all on a plank of wood.  I'm so proud!

Edmund and the Turkish Delight
This guy I'm not quite as proud of, mostly because I'm not sure how the whole thing "works." My idea was to create a stylized combo of Suzi Blu's portrait and petite doll classes (a big portrait head on a smaller doll-esque body) of each of the four Pevensie kids from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This is the first, depicting Edmund as he decides if he will accept the White Witch's tantalizing treat. Unfortunately, poor Ed just sort of looks odd. I both like that oddness and wish he was less odd and more "pretty." How would you fix this?

And, more importantly, what are you up to on this spring-alicious Snapshot Sunday?


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