My Black Thumb: Will I Strike Again?


Every spring it's the same story -- I buy seeds and soil, I plant seeds in soil, I water, I water . . . I kill.  It's very seldom that any plants survive more than a few months under my care.

But this time around I'm determined!  I thoroughly read the information on all the seeds I purchased to make sure their suitable for our location and arrangements.  Then I meticulously followed the planting directions.  I now of twelve pots of newly planted flowers, wildflowers, and blueberry bushes, not to mention the oregano and rosemary plants that have resisted my murderous ways.

Now to wait!  Hopefully they are all hardy growers.  In the meantime, I have this new art project to keep my busy (as well as a few others!):

Work in progress

It will be exciting to see what becomes of both the seeds and this sketch. Creating is awesome, but I become impatient to see the end results, forgetting that the growth process is where the true riches lie.

What are you creating?  What are you waiting on?  How do you practice patience?

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