Books I'm Reading That You Should, Too

I am overwhelmed (in a very good way!) with the amount of awesome books I'm devouring at the moment!  I'm taking a break from fiction and gobbling up books on self-care, mental health, and the like.  They are individually and collectively blowing my mind!

Succulent Wild Woman by SARK


Conquering Depression and Anxiety Through Exercise by Keith Johnsgard


Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker


Transformation Soup by SARK (again! because she really is that awesome!)

What?  Are you still here?  Get thee to a library!  Go!  (Nerd points if you can tell what famous literature quote I just bastardized.)

In other Messy Vibrant Lovely Life news (oh, and that's the name of this blog now, in case you hadn't heard! :D), I created a page showcasing my favorite blogs and other internet-y interests.  Check it out here!

What are you reading that's blowing your mind (in a good way)?

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