Snapshot Sunday: My Source of Blogging Distraction

I know.  I know.  I haven't blogged since the last Snapshot Sunday.  But I have a good excuse.  I've become obsessed -- obsessed with this:

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere . . .

That is, I've become obsessed with making art.  A couple of months ago I signed up for an online mixed media portraits class from Suzi Blu, and now that I've actually started watching her video lessons and practicing, I can't stop!  This is the best kind of obsession to have, I think.

It's crazy, though -- all my life I have always considered myself completely untalented in the visual art department.  But where did that come from?  Because when I think back to the [very] few times I've made dedicated attempts at making art, the results have been surprisingly decent.  Crazy!

So I've been busy getting to know this unexplored side of myself.  And it has been glorious.  I'll post more about it this week (er, probably), but right now my colored pencils are calling my name . . . 

How do you see yourself in relation to art-making -- untalented?  Not interested?  Gifted beyond measure?  Also, let's see your Snapshot Sunday photos!

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