Empowerment Green: The Power of Nail Polish


This week I did something that I haven't done since my sophomore year of college (meaning 10 years ago . . . egad! when did I get "old"?).  I painted my toenails greenish turquoise.  I love this color.  I call it my empowerment green nail polish because I feel like it boosts my courage, or at least my self-appreciation.  Plus I think it looks pretty, and it makes me happy.  What other reason does a girl need to paint her toenails turquoise?

Posting about this for Snapshot Sunday makes me think of these lyrics from a certain musical whose songs I enjoy: 

For example, if I should paint my fingernails green -- and it just so happens I do paint them green -- well, if anyone should ask me why, I say: 'I think it's pretty! ('I think it's pretty,' I reply.)

Where are my Broadway musical buffs?  Who knows what it's from?  Band and choir geeks unite (Gleeks also welcome)!

What small, seemingly silly things do you do that make you feel good?   

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