Operation Novel: Commence Phase Two


When it happened, it took me by surprise: the end.  Of the novel I am writing.  I survived the story-licious journey I began in November, and I have reached the end.

Sort of.

Actually, I've reached a new beginning -- the beginning of Operation Novel Edit.  And I am terrified.  Because, as much as  insecurities and self-doubt threatened to stop my progress on the first draft, what kept me going is the knowledge that the first draft doesn't have to be good.  It just has to be

A second draft, however, has to be good.  Or get closer to being good.  Preferably a lot closer.  Which means that, while the writing itself was hard, I'm entering the even more difficult editing phase.  Editing is going to require talent and finesse, which I am not sure that I have.  Although that is probably my inner you-can't-do-it un-cheerleading squad talking.  I hope.  While I've written several full first drafts in my time, I have never edited any of those drafts to completion.

Until now.  Again, I hope. 

Wish me luck, blog friends.  I am venturing into uncharted waters, and the possibility of imminent drowning feels all too real.

To keep myself feeling creatively robust, I have launched some new personal photography projects.  You can check those out on the blog's new Photography tab.   I'm only about a week into these year-long projects, but I'm loving them.  I've attempted these projects in the past, and it feels so good to get back into the daily photography groove.  Also, it's nice to have the photos to reflect on (and use on the blog!).  In 2010 I barely took any photos in comparison to the thoroughly documented previous years.  I love having a record of my life, even if I'm the only one who ever sees it.  What a gift!

Are you working on any creative projects?  I'd love to hear about or see some of your creations!

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