Snapshot Sunday, Take One

Because the Wordless Wednesday site went off the grid for a while, I've decided to start my own blog tradition (if that's the proper term) -- Snapshot Sunday!  I tend to take a good amount of photos, so Snapshot Sunday will be dedicated to showing you all how cool my photography is (she wrote humbly).

No, in all seriousness, I do enjoy sharing my photos -- not because I think I'm some maestro of the lens, but because I find taking pictures fun.  Besides I have nothing else going on with my photos, so why not blog 'em?

So here we go -- Snapshot Sunday numero uno!


I took this while wandering around the other side of the tracks (literally, since my city has a railroad pathway cutting through its northern portion) a few weeks ago.  It was a particularly cold day, so my fingers didn't want me stopping for long to expose them simultaneously to my camera's shutter release and the freezing wind.  As a result, I didn't frame this shot as I might have done had the temperatures agreed with my skin, but I really wanted to capture the beautiful brick building and its equally beautiful graffiti. 

Shoot along with me!  Post a link to your snapshots in the comments, if you like.  I would like to see 'em!

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