The Obligatory New Year's Eve Post

Hey!  It looks like I'm back!  Thanks for being so gracious and supportive about my break-taking.  It is much appreciated, blog friends.  Also, I'm glad that so many people enjoyed my pumpkin caramel oats recipe.  If you haven't tried it yet, do it.  You will not regret it.

It also looks like it's New Year's Eve.  In a handful of hours, not even a drop in the bucket of eternity, 2010 will be gone forever.  And I have to admit -- I'm not all that broken up about it.  2010 has been a rough one for me.  Not that I expect the turning of the calendar year to fix all my problems.  But there is something tantalizing about a freshly hung calendar and the untouched expanse of a new year, as pristine as new-fallen snow reflecting the glimmering moonlight.

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions.  While I'm hoping to capitalize off of others' resolutions (incarnating as increased attendance in my fitness hula hoop class), resolutions don't do much for me.  That said, I do have a focus for 2011.  A theme, if you will.  And that theme . . . will be the topic of tomorrow's post (oh, cruel suspense!).

But since I'm not entirely evil, I'll leave you with this video from Jonathan Baxter of the HoopPath.  He talks about hooping as a personal practice, which is something I hope to be running with for the new year:


How will you be spending this last day of 2010?  How about the first day of 2011?

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