A Hairy Dilemma

Happy hooperIt's that time of the year again.

I'm not talking about Thanksgiving.  Nor am I talking about leaf raking season or time-to-put-the-snow-tires-on-the-car season.  I'm not even talking about National Novel Writing Month season.

Nope, I'm talking about big hair season.

It seems that every time I have short hair, during October and November I decide that my short hair needs to be long again.  So I start to grow it out until I get so fed up with my white girl 'fro that I shave it all off.

That's where I am right now.

I took the photo to the left last year, before I gave in and cut my hair again.  Right now my hair is looking a lot like in the picture, except with about another inch of puffiness on all sides.  I feel like a brunette, female Ronald McDonald.  And, as you might imagine, I don't like feeling like a brunette, female Ronald McDonald at all.

But . . . I really do miss my longer hair.   Sometimes it was thick and curly and pretty.  I'd really like to swoop my hair around while hooping.  This photo is from May 2007:

Day 50 / Far-away friend

Of course, there were plenty of times that my longer hair was unruly and not so nice to deal with, much less wear around in public.  I'm not naive.  Check out another May 2007 photo taken just days after the one above (by the way, I think Turkish Delight is gross -- what was Edmund thinking??), in which my hair refuses to cooperate to my liking either tied back or loose:

Turkish Delight mosaic

So I'm not sure where I stand on the issue.  Right now, my hair is poofy and weird and in-between looking, and long enough that it's hard to fully hide under a hat.  But it will be a long time before my hair gets long enough to swing with ecstatic abandon during a hooping session.

I need hair help!  Have you ever grown your hair out?  Do you have any growing-out sanity-saving tips?

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