Signs of the Season

University Avenue It's amazing -- autumn is here in Montana in full, splendid force. Yards are littered with fallen leaves waiting to be raked, pumpkins adorn front porches, and the skies are gray and windswept.  The locals are going nuts over collegiate football, the hunters are out and about, and I'm busting out my stock of sweaters and scares.

And we're expecting snow on Wednesday.

Yep, this is definitely Montana.  As beautiful as our autumn is, it is also far too short in my opinion.  

While I'm not too psyched about the impending early snows, there is something delicious about fall.  Maybe it's air's aroma of decomposition and burning leaves.  But that doesn't really speak to refreshment of the soul.  Perhaps it's the pumpkin spiced everything that is being sold at coffee shops, grocery stores, and more.  Then again, cuddling up with a warm cuppa is more cozy than exhilarating.

So what is it? 

Honestly, I have no answer.  I'm kind of hoping that maybe you can let me in on what excites you about autumn, if anything.  But even while I can't explain it, I still feel it -- the expectancy, the sense of crisp happenings just around the corner, the stark and beautiful sense of unlooked for hope.  Maybe it's God.  Maybe I'm crazy.  But whatever it is about this delicious season that we're in, I like it. 

What do you think is the behind the magic of fall?

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