The Faithful Dress

Day 44 / Hopeful
I took these photos in spring 2007 after two separate teaching interviews. This morning, I wore the same outfit to another interview. Somehow, in spite of all my weight fluctuation and body perception shifts, some clothes still fit. My wedding ring still fits. Jeans, of course, are a different story, but then I've never felt comfortable in them.

I don't know what I'm trying to say, exactly. Maybe I'm just trying to encourage myself. I don't know that today's interview went all that well. But it's something that I tried, right? I felt (and still feel) pretty down after the interview, but did not slink home to hide and/or self-medicate with food. Instead, I'm now sipping a latte in a local cafe (where somehow out of the fifteen-ish patrons, I am the only female), blogging, emailing, and (hopefully, soon) noveling.

Part of me still feels weepy. But I bet that a good portion of that has to do with the fact that I'm wearing eye makeup, which I only apply for special occasions. It makes my eyelids feel heavy and my skin break out. No, thanks!

What's your take on makeup? Yes, no, sometimes, always?
Day 42 / Professional

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