I'm so proud.

Seriously. Have you noticed any changes here on Kitchen Courage? If you're perusing this via a reader, click over to the real site. Do it now.

Have you found it yet? The newness? The awesomeness? It's there. Keep looking.

Okay, I can't stand the suspense any longer. Yesterday, in lieu of a post, I spent three hours archiving all of Kitchen Courage's recipes on their very own page. Click here, or at the Recipes tab at the top of the page. I'm so proud! Seriously. I can't get over myself.

The blog reorganization did not stop there, though. I also created a new page with my recommended products and affiliates, including my Amazon store. Do I get paid when you click on these products and banners? Yep, but not very much. And I really do endorse everything that I am affiliated with. I would not recommend them otherwise. If you like Kitchen Courage and feel that it's worth a few cents, a click on one of the items on the new Recommendations page will deposit some change in my rather pathetic PayPal account.

I also removed the "about" section on the right sidebar and created an About tab at the top of the page in its place. It's the same info, slightly altered for current accuracy.

I've been a busy blogger. Now the question must be asked -- whaddya think? I'd love to hear your thoughts, reactions, critiques, and suggestions. Also, please let me know if you run across any broken or incorrect links in the recipes archive. (Seriously, I can't stop scrolling through it -- I had no idea I had so many tried-and-true recipes under my apron belt! Somebody stop me, please!)

The blog hasn't completely consumed my life, though. I've also been keeping busy in other ways. Such as taking care of our neighbor's sweet dog when she hopped into our yard last week and I could figure out how to get her back through their very complex fencing.


She kept our three pups busy (and jealous, especially Jackson).

Then, during one of last week's many sleepless nights, I made a new hoop. It's the smallest, lightest one I've ever made, and I intend to use it for off-body dancing.

Newly made

Of course I had to play with it outside once daylight came.

There was some peanut butter cup experimentation, inspired by HEAB's battle of the buttahs:

Homemade treat

This homemade peanut butter cup was made by pressing a tablespoon of Sunland's natural caramel peanut butter into a paper mini muffin cup and freezing it overnight. My verdict? Yum. It fueled yesterday's workout.

Oh. And there's been more oat-eating. I appear to be addicted.


This was a dessert bowl, made of oatmeal, chocolate PB2, blueberries, and a new food find, Nature Valley Granola Thins. These babies are thin squares of granola coated with dark chocolate (or peanut butter, depending on which variety you go for). Crumbled over a hot bowl of oatmeal, the dark chocolate melts most deliciously.

So . . . a busy, busy blogger I have been. What have you been up to? Do you like the changes to Kitchen Courage? Do tell!

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