Birthday Weekend Recap

Here is a glimpse into the chilled out celebration of my momentous birth (yes, that was typed tongue-in-cheek . . . if anything can be typed tongue-in-cheek in the first place).

Birthday breakfast
Scrabble + birthday breakfast oats. I went to town on the toppings! Still mostly healthy, just a little more than usual.

Chihuahua torture
A game of Scrabble with the Best Husband Ever included a little chihuahua torture, naturally.

We started a puzzle.

Handmade by Mom
My in-laws threw a little birthday party, which included tasty turkey burgers and angel food cake with strawberries. After we got home, I opened and tried on presents crocheted by my mom.

The next morning I topped my breakfast oatmeal with leftover dessert strawberries and whipped cream from the night before. It was yummy.

After a visit from my dad, the hubby and I finished the puzzle.

Sleepy chihuahua
We capped the weekend off by poking fun at the chihuahua again, as evidenced by copious amounts of chihuahua tongue. Poor boy. It's a hard life. But it was also a quiet and pleasant birthday, even for him.

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