While on a short but blissful hike earlier this week, I ran across a sign that directed hikers to a newly cut trail in order to let the old path recover from use and erosion. The sign asked travelers to please "let the land heal." As I obeyed I found myself wondering if this message wasn't meant for me on a more personal level.

I have been feeling pretty impatient with every facet of my health -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I want to be better right away in all of these areas. I want to return to my peak physical fitness now, run a half-marathon now, rediscover a stronger relationship with God now. But I've forgotten that I need to "let the land heal" first. I have to be gentler and more forgiving with myself, and allow myself to improve slowly.

How do you deal with healing of any kind? Are you content to take life down a notch, or find yourself chomping at the bit like me during the road to recovery? How do you deal with the fact that you're not the version of yourself you'd like to be [yet]?

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