Kashi Crazy: A Cereal Giveaway

I adore Kashi. More to the point, I adore Nicolette, the wonderful Kashi-rep who has continually blessed me with products to sample and review. My most recent package from Nicolette contained three Kashi cereals: GoLean (the original), GoLean Crunch! (in honey almond flax), and GoLean Crisp! (in toasted berry crumble).

I have already reviewed the Crisp! version of this cereal line, and I found it to be quite tasty, textured for my preferences, and my favorite of the GoLean products. GoLean Crunch! was my first foray into the world of Kashi back when I first began recovering from my eating disorder, and while it is not my favorite I still enjoy it. The original GoLean cereal is new to me, however. Sadly, because I am trying out the grain-free Specific Carbohydrate Diet in order to manage my Crohn's, I will not be able to nibble on this crunchy delight.

You, on the other hand, just might be able to test it out for me! I am giving away three full-sized boxes of above three Kashi GoLean cereals (plus a few surprise goodies). Whether you are a Kashi veteran or virgin, you can enter by doing one or more of the following:
  1. Comment below with what your favorite cereal is and why, be it a Kashi product, a hot cereal, or Lucky Charms.
  2. Visit my Amazon store and comment below with your favorite product.
  3. Visit me on HubPages and comment below with your favorite article that I've posted there.
  4. Subscribe to the Kitchen Courage feed (comment below when you've done so).
  5. Become a follower on Google Friend Connect (comment below when you've done so).
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  7. Twitter this giveaway @betherann (comment below every time you do so).
Easy enough, right? Simply do one or more of the above options by 11:59 PM (ish) on Sunday, May 2! Thanks again to Nicolette and Kashi for their generous sharing of samples.

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