Holy Productivity, Batbloggers!

It's only 10:00 on a Monday morning and I've already accomplished so much! Check out my done list:
  • uploaded, edited, and posted my latest photos as well as a hooping video
  • published a new HubPages article, A Review of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey game
  • researched, wrote, and submitted a new query letter (woohoo! these have been getting me down because of a) their inherent delayed gratification, and b) how challenging they are to write well. take that, queries!)
  • jotted notes/researched for upcoming writings
  • futzed around drinking tea (a requirement for any Monday morning)
  • fed the dogs and let them out
  • fed myself (see right: egg white with yogurt, salsa, spinach, nutritional yeast, and turkey bacon on a toasted wheat sandwich thin -- yum -- with hummus-stuffed mushrooms and a few stalks of celery on the side)
Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot, but I feel very accomplished. And now I'm blogging! I'm a productivity superhero! Well, maybe not, but I feel great about what I've done so far today. Now if I could only decide -- yoga with Dave Farmar or a cardio/strength circuit DVD? Hmm...while I decide why don't you peruse my latest published HubPages pieces as well as photos from one of last week's wanders with Jackson:

Recently written:
Recently seen in my viewfinder:

Speaking of photography, I'm shutting down my attempt at Project 365. What with all the other creative goals I'm trying to pursue, this is just a bit much. I'll still be taking photos, of course, just not posting a photo a day.

Happy Monday!

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