Don't Be Shy

Remember when I found treasure a couple of weeks ago? Not buried treasure or pirate coins, but coconut butter from Love Street Living Foods tucked inside my mailbox! An exciting day, to be sure. I bet you think I've gobbling down the stuff at every opportunity. And, if I weren't so silly, you'd be right.

The fact is, the fat content in coconut butter scares the small but still present eating disorder side of me. I mean, a single Tablespoon of coconut butter accounts for a whopping 41% of your daily value of saturated fat. That's a lot! At least, it is in my mind. Besides, a Tablespoon of coconut butter is next to nothing . . . right? Well, maybe not.

You see, I read the fine print -- but not all of it. Of course I noticed the fat content, but failed to measure up exactly how much coconut butter I'd have to eat in one go to get a full serving. I've been using sparing amounts on homemade bread, and it's been delicious, especially on this homemade loaf of whole wheat from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (part of a breakfast that also included microwave-baked apples and cranberries with pumpkin and berry Amazing Grass):

But I don't have to be so shy with my servings. I realized that I would have to eat the entire jar of coconut butter to get a full Tablespoon serving. Sure, it's a miniature jar, but still -- that's a lot of coconut butter! I've used my coconut butter sample twice since Love Street sent it, and I've barely made a dent. So I need to chill out. Because even if I did down the whole jar in one sitting, that's still only a regular serving, complete with a nice dose of healthy, good-for-me (and you!) fats.

Are you like me? Do you have silly moments like this? In celebration of my "huzzah for healthy fats" moment, I added some full fat whipped cream cheese to my lunch today (on top of steamed broccoli with ponzu sauce -- yummm). What did you do to challenge yourself to be truly healthy (i.e., feeding your body with good, natural products) instead of culturally healthy (i.e., low/no fat = healthy)? Do tell!

Before I go, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my new followers and subscribers (yes, I've noticed because my blog is tiny . . . but I think I'd notice if it was hugely popular, too, because, well, I like all of you!). Welcome! I encourage you to browse through the archives, or to ask any questions you may have either on the blog or on my Ask Anything page. Even if you don't have a question it's worth checking out as I've answered the back logged questions. Can I get a "huzzah" for overcoming procrastination, too, or is it saved for healthy fats only?

Speaking of healthy fats, don't forget that Love Street Living Foods is offering a free sample and 25% off your order with the coupon code "UltraHealth." You could challenge yourself in raw coconut butter style, too! Who's with me?

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