Shivery Sweet Day

Today was ccccccold! In case you missed it, we got hit with our first snow of the season yesterday. And by season, I'm not really sure what I mean. After all, snow is a winter-time event, and it's barely fall. Welcome to Montana, folks.

To beat the cold, we opted out of hanging around the farmer's market and watching our local university's homecoming parade. I hear that it was freezing, so I think we made the right choice. Instead, the Best Husband Ever and I hit a new location for Scrabble Saturday. Having made himself a big, eggalicious breakfast, the hubby drank some herbal tea. I sipped a nonfat sugar-free caramel latte and nibbled at this totally adorable cherry pistachio biscotti. Yum yum!

After lots of errand-running (I bought hoop-making supplies!) and in-law-visiting (we inherited some homegrown tomatoes and potatoes), we headed home. There, I took advantage of the wintry weather and did some roasting and baking for the Royal Foodie Joust. This month's ingredients are pumpkin (or orange squash), beer, and sugar. Want to know what I made? I'll let you guess . . .

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