Treat Day, Mom-ified

This morning, Josh and I kept our Saturday morning ritual -- snagging a treat then heading to a coffee nook for eating and Scrabbling. Today I tried out a new farmer's market yummy -- check out this amazing Black Cat Bake Shop's banana nut muffin with cream cheese frosting. So delicious, especially with my Mango Indica tea. Nom nom.

But today wasn't just any sweet treat Saturday. This time we were joined by my mother, who was a natural at enjoying a baked tasty. She snagged a mini loaf of blueberry bread from the farmer's market (the hubby got his usual, a caramel roll). I tried a bite, and it was a little dry but still nice to eat. Not as nice as my "muffin" (is a muffin still a muffin if it's not bald?), though, which was moist, flavorful, creamy on top, and -- well, just about perfection. It was quite lovely having my mom join us this morning, and it makes me excited for my dad's arrival next week.

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