To Rest or Not to Rest?

To rest or not to rest? That shouldn't even be a question after running a 10K race, really, but of course it was for me. I love to be busy, so I often have to come close to physically tying myself down in order to get some rest. So, after running my first 10K race on Saturday, I told myself that the remainder of the weekend would be low key and restful. Well, it almost happened like that.

My post-race Saturday started off okay. After crossing the finish line and catching up with some of my husband's wonderful family, the Best Husband Ever and I sauntered back across the river to our parked car. Arriving at home, I took a long and luxurious steaming shower before heading back out for a treat and Scrabble day with the hubby. Because our usual downtown treat locations were jam-packed with runners and their respective entourages, we tried something a little different. He has mentioned in the past that he enjoys the doughnuts sold at a particular grocery store's bakery, so we headed that way. He ordered a croissant and an old fashioned chocolate doughnut, and I got a glazed croissant. I tried a bite of both of his treats, and the doughnut was fabulous. My own croissant was a little too doughnut-y for me, though, although it was light, sweet, and tasty. It was a little bit of a disappointing reward after working so hard that morning, though.

Following our game of Scrabble -- collectively our score broke 600 points, but did not beat our all-time high -- the Best Husband Ever went in to work for a few hours. This made me a bit sad, but I understand because he's under a lot of pressure from this challenging project. Happily, he made some good progress on Saturday.

As for me, the hubby's absence made for a perfect opportunity to take it easy. Did I take advantage of this? Well . . . not so much. I transformed into a cleaning machine, dusting, vacuuming, doing copious amounts of laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, and washing walls. I simultaneously uploaded pictures to Flickr. I even made some of this (stand by for a more in-depth post on this yummy creature tomorrow!):

So my post-race rest never quite happened on Saturday. Oops!

I did a little better on Sunday. Waking up early, I enjoyed working out with some cardio followed by a Tae-Bo strength DVD. This was a special treat as, when our downstairs neighbor is home, my exercising is loud and interrupts his sleep. He was gone all weekend, though, so I took advantage. I love early morning workouts!

After church and stopping by the in-laws' for some visiting and coffee, the Best Husband Ever had a second try at treat day for lunch. Once again, we headed to Bernice's, Scrabble in hand. He got his stand-by caramel roll, while I ordered a savory croissant stuffed with spinach and cheeses including feta, parmesan, and mozzerella. It was fairly tasty, although probably would have been better warmed up. I guess I'm just not having good luck with the treat choices this weekend! Still, I enjoyed trying out new items.

By the time we finished up our Scrabble game, I was exhausted. Partially from sitting in the bakery's sunny window, but also from my rather tiring Saturday. The hubby drove me home, where I had planned to fold laundry and begin packing for this coming weekend's house move. Instead, I curled up with a book (Breaking Dawn, the somewhat average last book in Stephanie Meyer's vampire series) and then promptly falling asleep for an hour. When I woke up, groggy, I blogged and then took Cody for a short hike. None of my Sunday work plans got accomplished (at least, not my plans for me -- the hubby reseeded the lawn, which rocks), but I think that's okay. Rest is important, right? That's what I keep on telling myself. It's okay to listen to my body, assess what it needs, and then take it easy when necessary.

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