Warning: You are Entering the Accident-Prone Zone

Cooking is not without its dangers. Sure, when I think about cooking, baking, and the kitchen, images of rotund grandmothers in flowery aprons wielding rolling pins and apple pies spring to mind. A nice, safe place where nothing could ever go wrong. Right?

Wrong! I discovered that this past Saturday while testing out Jen's Individual Dark Chocolate Cake. (It was fairly tasty, by the way, but on the dry side -- if I make it again, I'll cut one minute off the microwave time.) I whipped together my ingredients and set them to microwaving. When the timer beeped, I removed the bowl from the appliance with my bare hands, not thinking that it might be hot. Well, not only was the bowl hot, it was scalding! It was so surprising and painful that I threw the bowl up into the air and somehow caught it on my shoulder. I'm still not sure how I managed that feat of grace! This might not have been a problem if I hadn't been wearing a tank top. As it stood, though, I gave myself a pretty nice burn that remains tender and a little raw even now, three days later. Ouch!

Do you have any stories of kitchen disasters? Usually they're funny in retrospect, but not always. I wonder if there are many prep chefs out there who have lost a finger or two in the line (line! get it? line chefs? line of duty? I love me some cheesy jokes . . .) of chopping duty. Or steak fans who one day found their own flesh sizzling away by accident . . . .

(By the way -- did you notice the tank top I'm wearing in the photo? It's my new Puma tank, won in the Fit Bottomed Girls Contest! I'm still using it for all kinds of workouts, from yoga to running to exercise videos. My favorite occasion is yoga, though. Thanks again, FBGs!)

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