Foodbuzz is so good to its bloggers! I recently received a buy-one-get-one coupon offer from Foodbuzz on Kerrygold cheese and butter products. Imported from Ireland, I wanted to try one of their cheeses as well as nab some butter for the Best Husband Ever. Unfortunately, we could only find Kerrygold cheese locally, so we decided on Dubliner cheese and a package of Blarney Castle cheese.

I tried the Blarney Castle first. Touted as a "creamy, gouda-style" product, I did find it to be creamy and very rich. However, that's all I can really say about it. The taste is pleasant but not particularly singular or extraordinary. At over $5.00 US for a 7 oz. package, I probably would pass on this cheese in the future.

The Dubliner variety held its own a little better. This is a firmer cheese, which I tend to go for if I'm just having a slice of cheese on its own. The taste was more sharp and tangy, and quite nice. Again, though, for the steep price tag I probably wouldn't purchase this without a special deal like the Foodbuzz-sponsored coupons.

Both cheeses would probably be great on sandwiches. The Dubliner especially seems to be begging to be layered between two slices of bread with a flavorful mustard, apple slices, and perhaps some turkey or hummus. The milder Blarney Castle would not only do well on a sandwich, but would probably melt quite nicely. Still, as the Best Husband Ever said, while these cheese are fine in their own right, he'd probably rather spend the money a good, old-fashioned block of quality cheddar.

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