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Notice anything different around this block of the blogosphere? I hope so, because the blog formerly known as Muffin Love has undergone a huge makeover. Not only is this web home of mine decked out in some sharp new duds, but it's no longer called Muffin Love.

Why ditch the loving of muffins for courage, kitchen-style? Simply because I don't feel that former title accurately portrays the blog's current content and focus, especially for new readers. A while back, a visitor commented that she would have to avoid my blog due to my apparent love of muffins since it might tempt her to food choices that would bolster her bodily muffin top. This made me feel a little sad since this blog is, as the old tagline stated, "eating right" and "cooking well." The blog's former moniker did not seem to represent that theme as well as I would like.

And so, I welcome you to Kitchen Courage, the brand new name and face of the old Muffin Love. Muffin Love 2.0, if you like. Feel free to explore. For a collection of all my recipes, click on "Archives" at the top right corner of the page. But while you're here, let me tell you a little bit about how I decided upon this title and what I hope this blog will be about for the next phase of its incarnation. Miriam-Webster says:
cour·age (kûr'ĭj, kŭr'-) n.
1. The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.

2. The heart; spirit; temper; disposition. [Obs.]

3. That quality of mind which enables one to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear, or fainting of heart; valor; boldness; resolution.
I like the name Kitchen Courage because at this phase of my life I am facing many challenges and circumstance, simultaneously old and new, exciting and daunting, that will require courage. I want my life and, by extension, this blog to be a record of that. I hope for courage . . .
  • . . . in the kitchen. I want to challenge myself to tackle new recipes, taste-test flavors from other cultures, create more of my own recipes, and try new techniques. It's time to step outside the comfort zone of southwestern dishes, one of my favorite types of cuisine both create and eat.
  • . . . in nutrition choices. I am in recovery from anorexia nervous, and being okay with healthier and heavier body remains tenuous. I need to remain undaunted by the unrealistic physical expectations of beauty set by our Hollywood culture and instead choose what I know to be the healthier route. I need to have the courage to feed my body, and to feed it well. That means getting in my lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, calcium, and fresh produce -- balanced eating.
  • . . . in following God. Without Him, I don't think I'll ever know full freedom from my eating disorder, or that I'll ever be truly secure and confident in myself. By extension, I need courage to trust God and let Him be the foundation for not only my self, but my life, my marriage, my work, my relationships, future ministry, and just about everything.
  • . . . in taking on new athletic adventures. For example, I want to resume my yoga teacher training. I'd also like to run my first 5k race soon, and to even start thinking 10ks and half-marathons. Wow! If you had asked me five years ago if I would even be considering running in a race, I would have told you heck, no!
  • . . . in blogging. I want to take Kitchen Courage to the next level, possibly with a purchased domain name, and to get a little more serious about food writing. Also, I'd like to become more involved in blogging events and challenges, such as The Royal Foodie Joust.
  • . . . in photography. I have a great time with my amateur photography, especially in the areas of landscape and, of course, food. The Best Husband Ever and I have even dabbled in wedding photography. I'd like to draw up some pluck and learn more about the science of good photography as well as post-processing on the computer. Photography isn't the main focus of this blog, but I hope you'll see improvements in this area shining through nonetheless.
There you have it -- the why's and wherefore's behind sort-of-brand-new Kitchen Courage. I still love muffins, and I'll still blog about baking them from time to time, I'm sure, but I've shifted my overall focus. Muffination remains part of my repertoire, and I can't abandon this simple baked good that led me deeper into my new found love of cooking. But this muffin chick has a new motto now. Kitchen Courage is about balanced living with a backbone.

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