I'm back in the United States! I'm also not quite ready to process my Malaysia trip, or at least blog about it. A lot happened! However, there are a few things that I can share. Like how traveling across the globe to a new country was an exciting challenge that I grew from spiritually, emotionally, and culturally. I grew in my relationship with God, learning to trust that His grace really is sufficient for all situations, needs, and celebrations. I have a better idea of how a great percentage of the world's population lives and struggles. I met people with different cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds, and found in these individuals brothers and sisters. I tried and enjoyed a vast range of food from squid (which I'm eating in this photo, with red chillies -- spicy but tasty!) to dim sum to roti to (my favorite!) garlic naan bread. I found freedom and victory over my eating disorder. And I discovereda desperate but beautiful nation with a beautiful people!

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