Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was a rare treat. In our school district, this week was scheduled for parent-teacher conferences. Which meant that I, a para educator, had Friday off while the certified teachers conducted the meetings. I took advantage of the time to do some things that a) I've been wanting to do, or b) need to get done, especially for my impending Malaysia trip (4 more days until lift-off!).

On my fun to-do list were some extracurricular cooking adventures. So I spent the morning baking Amish friendship bread, trying out a recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie (more on that on Tuesday, of course!), and experimenting for the Royal Foodie Joust. Even though I botched the bread-making and may have destroyed a perfectly good pot in my TWD efforts, it was so peaceful and rejuvenating. The light was streaming in through the windows in all its cozy, almost-winter glory. The dogs were peacefully snoozing. Bluegrass music draped itself over every surface. I soaked up every rejuvenating second.

Do you ever have an at-home experience like that? I miss being here in the mornings, having to work all week and then attending church on Sundays. Saturday mornings tend to be occupied with bakery excursions. All that adds up to me being out of the house when that perfect morning light is filling up the living room. I love it when home feels so very sweet-home-y.

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