Happy Blog Birthday!

Muffin Love has officially turned one year old! I missed the blog's actual birthday (October 29), but I figure that this is close enough. Writing a birthday post on November 1 is very appropriate, I think, because I created Muffin Love in order to participate in in NaBloPoMo 2007 (National Blog Posting Month) -- and today's the kick for the same event, only one year later!

I have really enjoyed writing this blog. After NaBloPoMo ended last year, I kept on posting. Not everyday, to be sure, but fairly regularly. Then my posting gradually dropped off, only to be revived later that winter. Since then, I've had a fantastic time participating in food blogging events like the Royal Foodie Joust which push me to try new things in the kitchen that I probably never would have thought of, much less attempted, on my own. Reading other food and sane nutrition blogs has also been both fun and educational as I work on revising my relationship with food, exercise, and my body. And of course I've loved creating, cooking, and sharing recipes and receiving your feedback!

Thank you for your readership! I think my all-time favorite aspect of blogging is how community-oriented it can be. My hope for Muffin Love is that it can continue to grow and be an entertaining read, a helpful resource, and a melting pot of people, ideas, tastes, and places. Happy birthday, fellow muffin lovers!

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