Adios, Barbie

I'm sick, so you'll have to excuse the utter lameness of this post. I was going to write a lengthy review of a website I came across recently, Adios Barbie. But my head feels fuzzy, so you should just go check it out for yourself. The website promotes healthy female body images, and is pretty cool.

Although I do disagree in how the site leans more toward the view that curves are always fabulous, no matter what, which I think can sometimes turn into a an excuse to not take care of your body. I feel that a curvy woman who makes nutritious diet and exercise choices is darn sexy. But completely neglecting your health in the name of revolutionizing western physical feminine ideals just seems irresponsible and even a little bit lazy. I'm not saying that every woman has to be a body builder, but maintaining a minimum of physical activity in addition to a steady diet is in our best interests. We'll be strong, feel strong, and be better able to lead energized lives. And it's just an extra special bonus that we'll look lovelier, too. Let's take care of the skins we inhabit, ladies, and then use them to change the world!

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