Hob Nob Snob

One of my all-time favorite food haunts here in Missoula is the Hob Nob Cafe. A little bistro that features delicious breakfast and lunch menus crafted from local and organic ingredients, the Hob Nob serves up some of the best lunch in town. I am a big fan of their Tex-Mex black bean and lentil burger, with a side of the most amazing sweet potato fries this side of the Mississippi. Today, however, when meeting a friend for a Hob Nob lunch, I decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of my usual bean burger, I opted for the grilled brie and chutney sandwich. This sandwich absolutely hit the spot! The sweetness of the apricot chutney combined perfectly with the savory creaminess of the brie. The sweet potato fries were, of course, delectable, especially with some "secret sauce" for dipping. What else can I say but yum!

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